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An Osprey and Its Nest by Bill Maile

An Osprey landing at its nest?? This is all one sequence as it slows down from flight and lands on its nest where eggs or young chicks are, couldn’t tell for sure which… thanks for looking!!  There was lots of action at the nest this past Sunday, including the youngster getting ready to fly, and one of the adults coming in with a big fish.

Bill Maile

A Snake Encounter near Coudersport

A friend and I were returning from a trip to Coudersport last Summer, using back roads. We saw this guy stretched across a dirt road just north of Shawville, in Clearfield County. I did swerve to miss it, however, I may have nipped it’s tail. I stopped and backed up, and he was ready for action. Judging by the look on it’s face, and the noise it was making, it was obviously upset. I did get out, and I took a couple of pictures, using the zoom lens, from a distance. After a few moments, we decided that the best thing to do was leave, so we did.
Charlie Moyer, Ebensburg
Howard Hackett, McClure

Birds at the Backyard Feeder

Following the Philadelphia-area record snowfall of December 19-20, there was considerable activity at the bird feeders  in my backyard in Harleysville. I have attached several pictures which I was able to capture. Included are shots of Northern Juncos, a White-Throated Sparrow, a Carolina Wren, and a Blue Jay. Each of these birds is a relatively common sight in my backyard.

Lehman Kapp


Special Hat for a Groundhog

groundhog-with-canWhile spending time in his hometown of Allentown, Richard Miller discovered this groundhog with its head stuck in a baked bean can, wandering down Linden Street.  The animal couldn’t get it off of his head, so Richard and a few other people cornered the confused groundhog and removed the can.

A squirrel with good taste!


Dear Editor:
This is a photo my 14-year-old son Harry took the day after Halloween. He was outside the morning of November 1, and saw a squirrel dragging something orange up our dogwood tree. He ran into the house to get a camera to zoom in, and the photo shows what he found. We thought a Pennsylvania squirrel, proudly displaying candy from a Pennsylvania candy company, would be interesting to Pennsylvania magazine!

We enjoy your magazine and I especially appreciate how you always display the Pennsylvania map of counties with each story. Your magazine has inspired us to take trips across Pennsylvania the past two summers. We live in Delaware County, southeastern tip of the state. Thanks for all you do!
Carol Eichman

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