Here is our 2020 online entry form.

You can save it and then return to it at a later time, as long as you use the same computer. Once you submit it, you’ll receive an acknowledgement message and email.

If you’d like, instead of this online form, you can use our entry-form-photo-contest-2020-fill-in-FORM-FOR-WEBSITE . If you’d like to use this entry form, right click on link and then save it to your computer. Complete the form, save it with your name, and then include it with your entries.

Good luck in the contest.


You can save your form at any time and return to it later as long as you use the same computer. See the "save progress" button at the bottom of the page. 

Don't forget to check the box and then click the SUBMIT button when you are done.

NOTE: You can enter up to 15 photos total.

Privacy notice: The information submitted here is used only for the photo contest. It is not shared with any other party and is not used for marketing purposes.

Include the following in your description of the images. 

  • location of the photo (county and city/township)
  • when the image was taken (month and year)
  • description of animals or names of people who are in the image (when applicable, if possible) 

When you are finished with your entry form, click the SUBMIT button.

Submitting an entry form indicates your agreement with the 2020 Photo Contest rules as specified in the January/February 2020 issue on page 49.