PA 44

Hyner View

Hyner View

If someone asked me what one road is the single best of all the roads in Pennsylvania – I would answer “PA 44” without reservation or hesitation. The reasons are many:

  1. Between Jersey Shore and Coudersport – it offers 60+ miles without even one stop sign and almost no driveways or intersections to speak-of;
  2. Much of this route is in total seclusion – surrounded by nothing but trees and wildlife;
  3. No traffic whatsoever;
  4. A very nice mix of incredible, ever changing scenery and varying road conditions – its never boring.

I would also offer these words of caution regarding this road;

  • make sure you have a full tank of gas before you start;
  • watch-out for wildlife i.e. Deer & Bears;
  • Be on guard for rouge patches of loose gravel, particularly in the tighter turns.

Lastly – Since much of this road is so secluded and lightly traveled that I am compelled to recommend riding on it with at least one partner….advice that I don’t always follow myself.


Enter PA 44 from US 15 in Allenwood. At the 49 mile mark, turn left onto Hyner Mountain Road for 5 miles; at Hyner View State Park turn left – head-up the mountain to Hyner View; retrace steps back to PA 44 and turn left – travel for 70 miles to the NY state line….rinse and repeat! 😉

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From Allenwood (home of the Allenwood medium security federal prison – current home of such notables as Aldrich Ames, and John Stanfa and the former temporary residence of G.Gordon Liddy) to Jersey Shore – you will do some hill climbing.

Once outside Jersey Shore – you begin your 60+ mile ride through the Tiadaghton, Susquehannock and Sproul state forests.

As noted in the directions above – at the 49 mile mark you will turn left on Hyner Mountain Road for 5 very entertaining miles to the base of the Hyner Run State park – turn left on the road that looks like a driveway which takes you straight up towards the Hyner View lookout. (Do not be alarmed if you don’t see this road on your Google map or your GPS – it IS there, its in great condition and it is a beautiful climb) at the top of the mountain you will be blessed with one of the most spectacular vistas in Pa – bring your camera.

The stretch of PA 44 from Hyner Mountain Road to Coudersport will throw a little bit of everything at you – varying road conditions (from pretty good to not so good), lots of curves – some of them tight, elevation changes, wildlife encounters – all good stuff! The only downside to this stretch is the varying conditions of the oil-n-chip surface and the occasional pesky and unwelcomed patch of lose gravel.

Lookout off PA 44

Lookout off PA 44

As you approach US 6 in the Coudersport area, you come-down from the mountains and enter a valley with slighter curves and gentle rolling hills.

In Coudersport – you will note a spectacular office building that seems out of place in such a small, rural town. This is the former corporate office of Adelphia Communications. Adelphia Communications was one of many firms that got into financial trouble as the result of poor corporate governance and improper accounting practices in the post-Enron world of early 2002. Before the scandal took it down – it was the 6th largest cable company in the US! John Rigas – the founder and former CEO (now a guest of the Federal prison system) also owned the Buffalo Sabres hockey team until his conviction.

The remaining 25 miles to the NY border is a very pleasant ride through more gentle rolling hills and farmland – a pleasure to ride and enjoy. For more rider comments on this road – visit


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