PA 125 & Gold Mine Rd

PA 125 & Gold Mine Road

Few roads seem to generate the amount of  “buz” around the motorcycle riding enthusiast community in Pennsylvania as PA 125.   If you spend some time at the MotorcycleRoads.US site and the MotorcycleRoads.COM site – you will notice that this road seems to produce more enthusiastic comments and ‘chatter’ than any other road in Pa.  Due to the challenging nature of the road – it’s not at all unusual for motorcycles (particularly Sportbikes) to outnumber cars on this road.  While this road does not compare to the gold standard of ultimate motorcycle roads – Deals Gap – it’s about as close as you are going to get in Pa.  On occasion – you will see groups of sports-car enthusiasts use this road to  test the performance capabilities of their rigs.  As is often the case with roads like this – PA 125 has claimed more than its fair share of riders and drivers – so be careful and stay well within your limits on this one.


 I throw-in a bonus road ‘Gold Mine Road’ that fits right-in with the peg-scraping action of PA 125.  The entrance to Gold Mine Road is off PA443.  Take Gold Mine road for 7 miles up to PA 325.  Turn right on PA 325 and go a 1.5 miles to US209.  Turn right on US209 and go 4.8 miles to Main Street (at light) and turn left.  Go 1.7 miles to the stop sign and go straight – this is where you pick-up Pa 125.  Stay on Pa 125 for 15 miles to Shamokin.  Rinse and repeat ! Its around 32 (hard) miles.

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This route is all about the road itself – there are no attractions or especially noteworthy places to stop along the way – just challenging roads.  The combination of Gold Mine road and PA 125 is very much like a roller-coaster ride, with a series of very steep climbs and descents with sharp corners at the top and the bottom, with a few rolling hills and gentle corners mixed-in for good measure.

PA125 027

PA125 031

PA125 030

One of MANY ’15 MPH’ corners – usually found at the top or bottom of a steep climb:

PA125 044

A typical steep descent:

PA125 045

What qualifies as a wide-open ‘sweeper’ on PA 125:

PA125 049

Another one !

PA125 050

Big uphill again:

PA125 052

Another tight turn at the bottom – your brakes, your motor and your tires get a work-out here:

PA125 055

Another wide-open ‘sweeper’ or two:

PA125 056

PA125 058

Some rolling hills thrown-in for good measure (so your brakes & tires can cool-off):

PA125 059

Up and down we go:

PA125 061

Ahead is the next mountain to climb:

PA125 068

The workout continues:

PA125 070

Yet another steep climb:

PA125 076

Ahh….which way is that –  exactly ?

PA125 101

I think you get the point – this is an awesome road with a well deserved reputation as a challenging ride.  If there is a MORE challenging stretch of road in PA than the 32 mile combination of Gold Mine + PA 125 I don’t know what it is? Let me know what you think !

Enjoy !

Brad :)


Blog author Brad Morgan  lives in Carlisle. He also owns/operates a SERVPRO  business in the Harrisburg metropolitan area. The link to his business website is the only compensation he receives for producing/maintaining this blog:


PS – the result of attacking PA125 (and some other roads noted on this blog) at a ‘sporting pace’ ! 😉


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  1. 08Jackpot
    08Jackpot says:

    Good article. I grew up in Joliett, where you picked up 125 off of 209. I’ve been riding those roads for almost 23 years, but they are still fun to ride.
    Rt 44 is also another good one.

    Ride safe

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